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Progressive Fork Spring

Progressive Fork Spring

Buying a Race Only Spring is the fastest and easiest performance upgrade you can make to your bike, a true drop-in performance part that will dramatically improve your bikes behaviour on the mountain. The spring comes packaged with the Ultra Low Friction Spring Isolator fitted. Follow your suspension manufacturers guidelines on how to change the spring on your respective fork. Please make sure to check the Race Only Spring Rate Chart to make sure the spring you are ordering is appropriate to your weight!

Kód: 2222
Cena: 4 900 Kč s DPH

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  • Shot Peened to prevent premature fatigue.
  • Block resistant to prevent coil binding or rate changing.
  • KTL Coating to preserve the springs rate and stroke.
  • Progressive rate to provide the performance needed for todays racers.
  • Low Friction Spring Isolator to reduce stiction and prevent noise.

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