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Progressive Shock Spring

Progressive Shock Spring

Many bikes on the market suffer from harsh bottoming and a general lack of support deep in the travel while using a coil shock. Most manufacturers will remedy this by using an air shock for ease of set up and the inherent progressive nature of an air spring to counter act the linear rear suspension action of particular bikes.

We have finally produced a progressive shock spring to give every performance benefit with zero drawbacks. Our shock springs have all the same pedigree as our fork springs, produced to the absolute highest industry standards. With a spread of 7 rates in 25lb increments, and a progression at 70% travel, these will transform how your bike handles.

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Cena: 4 900 Kč s DPH

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As with all our springs, they are produced in Germany in the worlds leading coil spring facility by Eibach GMBH. They are produced with the same specifications as their high-end motorsport springs that are used in such series as F1, WRC, MotoGP, MXGP etc.

  • Heat treated to ensure unparalleled rate accuracy. 
  • Shot Peened to relieve surface stresses. 
  • Block resistant to prevent spring shortening or rate change.
  • Coils are wound closer to provide a progressive rate.
  • Progression at 70% travel.
  • 75mm stroke.
  • Spacers to fit spring to Rockshox, Fox, Ohlins.

Progression engages at 54mm of spring travel, remaining travel rated at the second stated rate.

Rates lbs/inch:









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